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Penrod's Greenhouse . . . Two Generations of Tradition

If you see a big truck at Penrod's Greenhouse, it's more than likely delivering something that can't be grown and nurtured from Midwest Missouri soil -- because if it can, Penrod's is growing it themselves. 

Penrod's Greenhouse is one of the few nurseries in the Midwest that still produces many of its vegetable and flowering plants from seed or unrooted cuttings. Business as usual at this nursery isn't waiting around for a delivery truck of spring plants -- it's working year round to produce those plants. 

In fact, Penrod's has even developed its own potting soil to support these new plants -- while they are growing in the nursery and later at your home.

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Flower and Vegetable Plants

Penrod's Greenhouse, Inc.

14820 Jesse James Farm Rd.
Kearney, Missouri 64060
Phone: 816-628-6011

No set hours for the winter months.  Please call (816-628-6011) if you are needing anything.

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